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A Naani poem has 4 lines. The total number of syllables in the poem are between 20 to 25. While the poem does not have to be about a particular subject it is often about human relations or current statements.


    Balancing Act

    Life is a tightrope
    Sometimes you will fall
    But step out in faith
    You are only inches off the ground
    - written by juliajames

    In this example, the Naani poem has 24 syllables. It should have between 20 and 25.

    Gifts of Love

    I marvel at birds on wing
    What springtime will bring
    So many things are our reward
    Given by our Lord.
    - written by boberto

    Debtor's Hell

    Crafty bankers sell
    intangible wares so well,
    ringing every bell
    while sending souls to earthly hell.
    - written by fairydancer

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