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A tetractys poem is written with 20 syllables. A tetractys can have more than one stanza. But all new stanzas must be have an inverted syllable count. There is no limit to the number of stanzas. This type of poem often expresses a complete thought

The structure is:

line 1 - 1 syllable
line 2 - 2 syllables
line 3 - 3 syllables
line 4 - 4 syllables
line 5 - 10 syllables


    Change of Heart

    moon 1 syllable
    tonight 2 syllable
    somber light 3 syllable
    subtle to sight 4 syllable
    faint radiance no longer captivates 10 syllable
    - written by arjuna

    Trembling Heart

    Your eyes
    Fixed on mine
    Piercing my soul
    I cannot hide my trembling heart from you.
    - written by Lena Borghi

    Sleeping Beauty

    by Beauty's bliss
    stole breathless school girls' hearts with just one kiss
    - written by ~Dovey

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