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The Minute Poem is a poem that follows the "8,4,4,4" syllable count structure. It usually has 3 stanzas that are exactly the same. So: 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables.

A traditional Minute Poem has 12 lines total. It has 60 syllables. It is written in a strict iambic meter. The rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb, ccdd, eeff.

In this traditional example the author included both the rhyme scheme (aabb, ccdd, eeff) and the syllable count (8,4,4,4 for each stanza).

    God's Artful Touch

    The Arctic Clipper's frigid blast, (rhyme: a)
    Its winds so fast (a)
    And furious; (b)
    Injurious. (b)

    The stars and moon played hide and seek (c)
    As clouds did streak (c)
    Across night skies. (d)
    Enchanting eyes (d)

    With stunning iv'ry moon's display, (e)
    God did portray (e)
    His artful touch (f)
    I love so much. (f)
    - written by mountainwriter49
A non-traditional minute poem does not have to rhyme. But follows the proper syllable count.

Non-Traditional Example

    Humanity's Questions

    humanity's endless questions (8 syllables)
    values pondered (4 syllables)
    secrets sought out (4 syllables)
    ethics unclear (4 syllables)

    philosophers locked in debate (8 syllables)
    struggling with facts (4 syllables)
    probing fiction (4 syllables)
    searching for truths (4 syllables)

    questions persist through centuries (8 syllables)
    is 'right' moral (4 syllables)
    is 'wrong' corrupt (4 syllables)
    how should we act (4 syllables)
    - written by Gabriella 2

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