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Abecedarian Poem

An abecedarian poem is similiar to the ABC poem but uses all the letters in the alphabet. It starts with "A" and works all the way down to "Z".

It is a form of an acrostic poem. The first letter of each line in the poem spell out the entire alphabet.


    Adopt Me Please

    Adopt me please, I need a home,
    beautiful fields where I may roam,
    chasing sticks and passing squirrels,
    daily playing with boys and girls.
    Each night I'll bring the paper in,
    fetch your slippers on a whim,
    gladly warm your frozen feet,
    happy for your praise and treat.
    I'm loyal, brave, and paper trained,
    just look at me, I'm not deranged.
    Kindly spring me from this cell,
    love me tender, treat me well.
    My goal in life as your best friend,
    never forget the days we'll spend,
    on sunny walks down winding roads,
    partners meant to share great loads,
    quick to steer from danger's path,
    reflexive instincts guide my tracks.
    Sir, won't you please come pet my fur?
    Then you will see I'm not a cur.
    Unluckily, I'm just a hound,
    vexed by my stay at this compound.
    With wagging tail, "Adopt me please,
    X-Rid cured me of ticks and fleas,
    you won't regret, I love a game,
    Zeus is my hero and my name."
    - written by ~Dovey

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